Introducing New Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge Design Team Members!

Hello! It's Ka here today and I can not believe that we're already halfway through 2016. Crazy how time flies when you're having fun and fun is our motto here on the Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge!

Today I am introducing the newest Design Team members for the next term, July through December. My current Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge Design Team has been so FABULOUS and I can't say how proud I am to have such an amazing group of talented and supportive group of friends. I hope you had enjoy their projects as much as I have. I consider myself lucky to have work briefly with each one of them and they will be greatly missed! I'm looking forward to having our new members join us and I'm sure it'll be another fabulous term!

Please welcome the new Design Team Members for the Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge and visit their blogs when you get a chance. I know you'll love them and their projects just as much as our previous designers.

"Hi, I'm Rachel Bergfeld, and I'm an Indiana native who's been transplanted to Southwestern Arizona for the time being. I still feel like a newlywed (just over 2 years) and my husband and I have 2 dogs and 3 cats, but no human children yet. I started papercrafting in 2011 when I decided to try to make my own Thank You cards for my wedding. Little did I know that I was starting a full-blown obsession with that cardstock and simple rubber stamp!

My style has since evolved into Clean and Simple by nature and necessity. I live pretty far from all of my family and I like to stay in touch with a handmade card every so often, but they have to stay fairly flat to make it through the mail undamaged. I will occasionally play around with other styles just for fun and variety! I love card making because receiving a handmade card feels like getting a little hug over long distance. It's a great way to keep in touch with the people in my life that I don't get to see very often. When I'm not making cards in my craft room, you can usually find me curled up with a good book and a dog or a kitty (or 2!) or else playing video games with my husband."

Instagram: @varadasharma

"Hello! My name is Varada Sharma and I live in Franklin, TN with my truly wonderful husband and two lovely princesses. Growing up, I wasn't much artsy-craftsy, but when I got to college, I developed a huge interest for sewing and painting. I think some of my Mom's love for making handmade things rubbed off on me then.

When we moved to the United States, I dribbled first into jewelry making and home decor before finally settling on card making as 'my thing'. I love how card making let's me focus on a project that is achievable in one sitting most of the time. I love how it lets me experiment with different designs, colors and mediums. And best of all, I love how I can brighten someone's day by giving them a card I made myself. I don't have any definitive style of card making or crafting. I just roll with whatever inspires me at that time. I am so thrilled to be part of the design team at tic-tac-toe challenge, of which I have been a big fan for a long time. Can't wait to inspire this community with my creations and get inspired in return. :-)"

Blog: Craft Ghetto
Instagram: @craftghetto

"Hello!! I’m Channin, pronounced just like the typical pronunciation of Shannon, my parents are creative too ;). I’m a mother of two little girls both under the age of 4 and just recently took a break from being a teacher to be a SAHM. I’ve been making cards for about 4 years now. It all started when I got my Cricut and I went looking for an outlet to create with it. I soon discovered card challenges and though them I rediscovered stamping and I was hooked!! I love this craft form because you get to experiment with design and play with a variety of art materials and when you are done you have created kind gesture for a loved one. I would love to say that I have one style but I definitely dabble in many styles, but honestly clean and simple is probably my most favorite."

Instagram: @judy_marino

"Hello, friends! I am so excited to be joining the Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge Design Team! I am married to my high school sweetheart, mom to four kids, and am employed as a school psychologist. My other hobbies include singing, gardening, reading, and scrapbooking. (I must also admit that I am addicted to Pinterest.) I was introduced to card making in the late 1990's when my best friend sent me a hand-made Christmas card and encouraged me to try it...and I have been hooked ever since! I love the clean and simple style, although I also enjoy cute scenes and paper-piecing designs. I love sharing my designs and I am always inspired by what others share...that's why I am SO excited to join the design team at the Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge!"

Our returning members:

I am so grateful to have these two ladies returning and designing for this challenge blog again. Welcome back you two!

Instagram: @hobbitnoll

"Hello! My name is Nora Noll and I am excited to be a part of the Tic Tac Toe Challenge Design team. I have been a crafter since I can remember-starting with hand-sewing and have taken classes in everything from pottery to decorative painting. I started paper crafting in my teens, and have been doing some sort of paper craft for almost thirty years.

I would not say I have a particular style, though I am not a one-layer wonder. I tend to have many layers on my cards and own die cuts for almost all of my stamps. Layering helps me cover up my mistakes when I make them so that I do not have to throw away a whole card! Paper crafting is a stress release for me. I create for no other purpose then to have fun and relax. I know that being part of this design team is going to be a lot of fun and I cannot to wait to get to know everyone."

Instagram: @mylimejournal

"Hello! My name is Amina and I am deeply in love with paper crafting. I live in the UK with my awesome husband. We have two cute kids who fill our lives with happiness and laughter. I used to teach in a Primary school but currently a SAHM. I love making cards, albums, mixed-media, altering and anything in between. I have always enjoyed being creative. In fact as a little girl I used to love playing with scissors and glue. I bought my first ever stamping supplies in 2005. YouTube videos totally changed my life in 2009. Since then I have fallen deeply in love with this awesome hobby. For me, ‘ME TIME’ means making cards, tags, mini books and journals. I would describe my crafting style as eclectic and wide ranging. I love making shabby chic cards with layers as well as simple cards with just one layer. I love my hobby and have become friends with some awesome people. Love the crafting community. So excited to be a part of TIC-TAC-TOE challenge and looking forward to getting to know everyone."

So those are all the lovely ladies joining us for this term and I hope you enjoy their creations! I'm so excited to have each of them and cannot wait to see all the creative things they'll be sharing and inspiring us with! Welcome to the team, ladies!!!


  1. Many thanks for the wonderful experience. It was a great joy to me and much appreciated. Looking forward to keeping in touch and following you and my team mates. Congrats to the new team! So happy for all of you 🙂

  2. Ka, you know that you're an amazing BOSS! Thank you so much for your support, kind words and letting me be in this incredible team! Thank you!
    Olesya, xxx

  3. And of course a huge THANK YOU to Mady, she's a star!:)a guiding star!

  4. Ka, I am so excited to join the team among so many talented ladies! Thank you!

  5. So much talent here! This will be one stellar team! Ka and Mady, I loved my time on your team. Thank you again for the fabulous opportunity. Hugs to you both!


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